Warehouse Session #1

On Sunday November 26th, Skyline Music hosted its first ever “Warehouse Session” in the back Aloha Bay for a handful of students and parents. The goal of this session was to bring together, in a smaller space, a group of students in varying levels to perform for eachother. The smaller environment allows for more attention and appreciation given to the art of the performance. With LED lighting freshly installed in to our panels and a full on sound system to enhance the beauty of the grand piano, students were given an opportunity to perform their piece with a small historical presentation just prior.

There were 10 wonderful performances from the following:

Phillip-Dream of Love (Liszt)

Dave-Run Rudolph Run (arranged by Dave)

Saryssa-Lovely (Billie Eilish)

Tanner-Project 863/It’s Raining Somewhere

Dionne-Superstition/Exit Music (Stevie Wonder/Radiohead)

Elaine-Rialto Ripples (Gerswhin)

Jennifer-Given-Taken (Kpop)

Lisa-Por Una Cabeza (Tango)


After each of these incredible performances, students were each given a customized bubble tea from our favorite local shop, Gong Cha. With snacks to celebrate and conversation to be had, this event was our first and DEFINITELY won’t be our last! Stay tuned for another warehouse session in 2024 with a new group of performers 🙂


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