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Music and Movement

We see amazing pianists sitting at pianos with their hands flying off and on, full of energy and exuberance. We see heavy metal guitarists “banging” their heads to the beat, and we even see delicate violin players with their necks twisted sideways to hold their violins while they jam out some Paganini. Did you know, […]

The Importance of Sight Reading

We hear it a lot. Sight reading. What does that mean? Sight reading means exactly the same as a “cold read” if you are in the theatre. You pick up a book you have never seen or read before, open a page and…read it. Word for word. In music lessons, sight reading is the same […]

Why Piano Lessons Are Important

Here is a great article on the importance of piano lessons! Evidence based research all points towards the benefits of learning an instrument for the mind, body, spirit and lifestyle. Whether it’s learning the piano or the flute, or even how to sing, the mere art of learning a creativity based skill will ALWAYS change […]