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Airdrie Mayor of the Arts Night 2019

Our community is very lucky to have a strong support system for the arts. Each year the Mayor of the Arts award showcase is held at Bert Church theatre in Airdrie. This is a great event to honour and acknowledge local educators and artists who have contributed to their community through fine arts. Lisa Ammirati […]

Airdries Amazing Woman Nominee

It is with great joy that we announce, our very own, Lisa Ammirati was nominated for the Airdrie Amazing Woman Award AND featured on the front cover of Airdrie Life Magazine in 2018 as well as Sheila Shareski in 2019. We are proud of both teachers for always continuing to love their profession and the […]

Saying Goodbye

We are always so happy to meet new students, and the years they spend with us go by so fast. Suddenly they are old enough to drive, have jobs and go to University! Here are a few of our favorite year end gifts that have come our way so far. We have always said that […]

Year End Recital 2019

We are so pleased to have celebrated another successful year with a final music recital on Sunday June 9, 2019. With over 50 performers in piano, bass and guitar, we are happy to report that each students performance was a success. Recitals can be a daunting thought. What happens if I make a mistake? What […]

Introducing Yamaha Group Lessons

We are extremely excited to be the only authorized Yamaha Music Group school in Airdrie. This will be our first year of launching this wildly successful program in Skyline Music. Yamaha Music groups run across 4o countries internationally. Yamaha Music Education programs began in 1966 in Canada and the Yamaha Music Education System has an […]

Welcome Back Skyliners!

It’s 2018 and we are back in full swing. This coming season will be our 3rd year running the Airdrie location. We are very excited to welcome our Calgary students, as well as our current and new Airdrie students under one location. This term, we will be warming up our fingers to the sounds of […]

Music and Movement

We see amazing pianists sitting at pianos with their hands flying off and on, full of energy and exuberance. We see heavy metal guitarists “banging” their heads to the beat, and we even see delicate violin players with their necks twisted sideways to hold their violins while they jam out some Paganini. Did you know, […]

The Importance of Sight Reading

We hear it a lot. Sight reading. What does that mean? Sight reading means exactly the same as a “cold read” if you are in the theatre. You pick up a book you have never seen or read before, open a page and…read it. Word for word. In music lessons, sight reading is the same […]

Why Piano Lessons Are Important

Here is a great article on the importance of piano lessons! Evidence based research all points towards the benefits of learning an instrument for the mind, body, spirit and lifestyle. Whether it’s learning the piano or the flute, or even how to sing, the mere art of learning a creativity based skill will ALWAYS change […]