Madeleine Cañete

Since the age of 11, Madeleine has been playing piano and has studied with many well-known pianists such as Charles Foreman and Dr. Jani Parsons. During her junior high and high school years, she was involved in the band program and participated in the Alberta International Band Festival in 2015 as a clarinetist and 2017 as a bassoonist. In 2022, she received her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Calgary.

As a University student, Madeleine gained significant performance experience such as performing in masterclasses, piano recitals, accompanying vocalists, and was part of the University of Calgary Chamber Choir as an alto singer. She also performed in off-campus recitals such as the Pathways Program, a pilot project from the Canadian Music Competition that supports the development of musical artists. Along with the Pathways Program, she also performed at the Soundboard Music Tour, a series of recitals that features students of all ages.

Madeleine began her teaching journey in 2018 and has gained insightful teaching experience by working with students from all walks of life. Her involvement in band and choir throughout the years has helped her immensely with teaching piano and becoming a holistic musician overall.

When she’s not teaching or practicing, Madeleine loves to go on hikes and spend time with her family. If she’s not playing the piano, she’s usually playing other instruments such as the guitar, bass, ukulele, and drums! She is continuing to develop her musical skills by working towards her Associate Piano Diploma (ARCT) from The Royal Conservatory of Music.