Stephanie Orr

Stephanie has been teaching piano for over twenty years, with a focus on helping her students develop well rounded musicianship. She is a classical music buff, and loves to teach the classics, but she enjoys helping her students play the music they know and love, be it pop, rock, jazz, Broadway, movie tunes, or composing their own masterpieces.

Stephanie was awarded an Associate Diploma in Piano Performance through the London College of Music, as well as a Licentiate Diploma in Piano Performance, Duet, also through the LCM. She has met the qualifications for Intermediate Piano Pedagogy through the Royal Conservatory of Music, being awarded a gold medal by the RCM for her Intermediate Pedagogy examination.

Stephanie is a veteran in the Calgary area music teaching community, having her students participate in many different music festivals, public performances, workshops, and recitals over her twenty two year career.

Stephanie believes that music is meant to be shared, and her students are given opportunities to perform for enjoyment, as well as for examination and adjudication purposes.

She is an avid proponent of collaborative music making, and encourages students to work on duets with other pianists and other instrumentalists. Stephanie has many years experience accompanying other musicians, choirs, and vocalists, and hopes to help her students have opportunities to do the same.