Music and Movement

We see amazing pianists sitting at pianos with their hands flying off and on, full of energy and exuberance. We see heavy metal guitarists “banging” their heads to the beat, and we even see delicate violin players with their necks twisted sideways to hold their violins while they jam out some Paganini. Did you know, that each of these musicians have had a physical warmup before going on that stage? They have done their specific muscle stretches and body movements to allow for ease of blood flow and movement? Often times we think of musicians as having a very stationary job. Sitting, playing and so forth. However, use of any limbs on the body requires stretching PRIOR to practice or performance. Some pianists will run their hands under cold water to allow for the muscles to heat up. Others will plug a blow dryer in to warm up their hands and many more use gloves to keep hands warm. When we are nervous, by nature, our muscles tend to contract and blood flow slows down. This is when injury can start and fingers can “freeze up” in the middle or beginning of a song. Read below to take useful tips on how to move before DURING and after a practice session. This helps with easing the body and recovering for consistent and injury free playing.

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