The Importance of Sight Reading

We hear it a lot. Sight reading. What does that mean? Sight reading means exactly the same as a “cold read” if you are in the theatre. You pick up a book you have never seen or read before, open a page and…read it. Word for word. In music lessons, sight reading is the same thing. You are given an excerpt of a song that you have never seen before, have about 10-20 seconds to look it over and then…play it. There are many tricks and tips to learn how to sight read effectively, efficiently and correctly. Read this article below to have a better understanding of the components that go in to a productive outcome!


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  1. Gerrit
    Gerrit says:

    I am visually impaired. In my experiance I believe it musch better to learn to memorise music. I am a guitar player though.
    Have tried and pracriced this for years and cannot manage to reas music like norman sighted people do. I learn the piece in my room and perform it by memory.


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