The Importance of Sight Reading

We hear it a lot. Sight reading. What does that mean? Sight reading means exactly the same as a “cold read” if you are in the theatre. You pick up a book you have never seen or read before, open a page and…read it. Word for word. In music lessons, sight reading is the same thing. You are given an excerpt of a song that you have never seen before, have about 10-20 seconds to look it over and then…play it. There are many tricks and tips to learn how to sight read effectively, efficiently and correctly. Read this article below to have a better understanding of the components that go in to a productive outcome!


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  1. Gerrit
    Gerrit says:

    I am visually impaired. In my experiance I believe it musch better to learn to memorise music. I am a guitar player though.
    Have tried and pracriced this for years and cannot manage to reas music like norman sighted people do. I learn the piece in my room and perform it by memory.

    • Lisa Ammirati
      Lisa Ammirati says:

      I think there is nothing wrong with your approach. I think learning to use one sense in place of another, when life takes away that choice is the BEST way to learn…music is music and if it brings you joy and healing, then how you learn it is best for you 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


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