Airdrie Location Now Open

Our brand new location in Airdrie has just opened and is accepting new students!

We firmly believe that music lessons should create a positive experience and a lifelong appreciation of learning. Each of the teaching rooms in our Airdrie school is decorated with a unique theme to provide a fun learning environment for everyone.

Each of the theme rooms was inspired by our experiences and interests. The Tokyo Room takes strong hints from Feng Shui and the colourful minimalism of the Japanese lifestyle. The Tiki Room has some clear Polynesian roots, including a protective tiki watching over all who enter. The Sky Room is at the top of the building and is an homage to the name of the school and the clarity of sight one finds there. The Refresh Room is a quiet corner under the stairs with a workstation for students and adults, colouring books and games for kids (and the young at heart), and coffee and tea services.

In celebration of our new school here in Airdrie, we are offering a free lesson for everyone (by appointment only)! If you decide to register for lessons before spring break, we will waive the $25 annual registration fee too!

We’re super excited to welcome everyone to our creative environments!

Airdrie Location Photos

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