Introducing Yamaha Group Lessons

We are extremely excited to be the only authorized Yamaha Music Group school in Airdrie. This will be our first year of launching this wildly successful program in Skyline Music. Yamaha Music groups run across 4o countries internationally.

Yamaha Music Education programs began in 1966 in Canada and the Yamaha Music Education System has an enrolment of approximately 10,000 students taught by over 160 teachers in 50 locations from coast to coast. The National Education Department for Yamaha music education in Canada is located at 135 Milner Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. All national Yamaha programs are developed in conjunction with the Yamaha Music Foundation in Japan.

Group classes such as Music Wonderland, Junior Music Course, Young Musicians course and Adult Keyboard course will be offered this coming season at Skyline Music. Each course is tailored toward a group setting with full on support from parents and exciting visual aids such as DVDS, colourful music books and Cds. Each course will promote a full awareness of musical appreciation, performance via keyboard and singing as well as a deep understanding of musical fundamentals and rhythm.

Music Wonderland is designed for 3 year olds and introduces music through sound and movement.

Junior Music Course is designed for 4-5.5 year olds and introduces music through sound, rhythm, movement, keyboard playing and note reading.

Young Musicians Course is designed for 6-8 year olds and introduces the same concepts as JMC, however at a slightly faster pace due to the higher age range of the students involved.

Adult Music Course is just that. Adults of any age can have their very first group class as a team and learn how to read music and play notation that will lead them to their favorite style of music.

Send us a message today to ask about course registration and how to save the registration fee on your FIRST course!

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